Who is BUIC

Birmingham Uganda Investment Convention is a Ugandan community partnership between Ugandans in the United Kingdom and Ugandans back home. This is in conjunction with other sponsorship partners in both countries and any other parts of the world.


The Investment Convention 2023 is scheduled to take place in Birmingham United Kingdom. The Convention Early bird registration is already open. Accommodation can be booked directly with the hotel, no cash required during booking. However, you will need a bank card to reserve the room and pay on arrival or before travelling.

Policy Statement

Birmingham Uganda Investment Convention Limited aims at bringing together Ugandans/British living in the diaspora and investment partners in both Birmingham (and all other parts of the UK) United Kingdom and Uganda, whilst ensuring that we are creating an avenue for finding market, knowledge, skills and new investment opportunities for the two countries.

Attendance and Participation


  • Value addition to all agricultural products
  • Poultry cage system compared to deep litre system
  • Concentrates Vs other feeds
  • Feed prices, fluctuation and scarcity
  • Pests and pesticides
  • How government can support

Health and Social care

  • Health care professionals
  • UK /Ug Health care registration or Pin numbers
  • Studying under the big umbrella of Health and Social Care sector
  • Investing in opening up a care Agency in United Kingdom/Uganda
  • Getting private patients or clients

Real Estate

  • Buying OR acquiring land in Uganda
  • Property construction /Development UK/Uganda
  • Selling /buying property UK/Uganda
  • First time buyers
  • Property management
  • Growing the property business

Welcome to Birmingham Uganda Investment Convention Limited

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Attendance or participation is confirmed through payment of a registration fee of:

  • £200 individuals
  • £400 Exhibitor stalls

Birmingham Uganda Investment Convention

Account Number: 08673830

Sort Code: 087199

  • UK Participants
  • Free Entrance
  • Dinner £30 per head
  • Music Show £30 per head




Companies, organisations or individuals can register to attend or participate through sponsorship. There are several and different categories of sponsorship and each category comes with different benefits.

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